Ways to Give

Join a community of dedicated recreation supporters and contribute to THE FOUNDATION FOR SUSTAINABLE PARKS & RECREATION.    Our organization helps develop and train recreation professionals, so your contribution will make a direct positive impact on the health and well being of Americans.

There are three ways you can participate.


a) The best way to contribute is to send funds directly to the organization. Use your bank’s online bill pay system and set up a one-time or monthly payment to:

The Foundation for Sustainable Parks & Recreation

PO Box 411371

Charlotte, NC 28241-1371.

Or simply mail a check to that address.   By remitting directly to the organization, the entire contribution goes to the Foundation, and we won’t have to pay bank fees.



2)      CONTRIBUTE YOUR TIME.    If you like our mission and wish to support our efforts to ensure that Americans have local access to quality recreation opportunities, please reach out to our board and offer your time, your efforts and your ideas.  Use our contact page   to reach us and one of us will reply within 72 hours.

3)      CONTRIBUTE A HAND AND BUILD A PARTNERSHIP.  We are a new organization and are looking to build partnerships with similar groups.