Our Works

The Foundation for Sustainable Parks and Recreation supports research and programs to transform parks and recreation’s impact on youth, family, and community health and livability.

Current Programs and Initiatives

The Christopher K. Jarvi Partnership Scholarship
The Christopher K. Jarvi Partnership Scholarship Program is a program created in honor and memory of the Foundation for Sustainable Parks and Recreation’s recent Board Chair. Chris always stressed that building partnerships and networking were the most integral part of growing as a professional in our field. This program will be used to support parks and recreation professionals as they seek to grow their partnerships through attendance at conferences and events.

National Association of Park Foundations (NAPF)
FSPR is proud to announce its recent partnership with the National Association of Park Foundations (NAPF), whereas the two organizations will collaborate to grow community involvement in the local parks movement. FSPR will provide funding to help NAPF achieve its 5-year goals. 

Save the Children
FSPR and its Board of Governors are proud to announce the recent approval to support Save the Children’s efforts to help build parks and recreation’s capacity to meet the needs of children and families before, during and after emergencies and to foster the development of resilient and ready communities. Furthermore, Save the Children plan to achieve these goals by developing three tools tailored for parks and recreation professionals and implementing a robust marketing plan utilizing key communications, state conferences and parks and recreation networks across the country. This support will be awarded by means of a $50,000 grant.

The FSPR Board of Governors has indicated that the reason for their support of this opportunity is three-fold. First, the program provides hands on support and training for parks and recreation professionals and direct benefits to children in their care at the time of great need. Second, this co-branded approach will give the Foundation visibility in the parks and recreation community faster and at a lower cost than FSPR could accomplish on their own. Third, FSPR would be partnering with a well-known and respected not-for-profit organization in Save the Children, which may have a benefit to FSPR.

Past Works

October 2012- FSPR was a sponsor for the Educational Sessions at NRPA Congress in Anaheim, CA.

February 2013-  FSPR was a  Bronze Sponsor for the 2013 Conference on the Value of Play